Volunteering at DPNC

Today I volunteered at DPNC. They were having an open house so everyone could come for free from 10:00-2:00. For the first hour there were no visitors and I mostly just wandered aimlessly. At 11:00 people started showing up, one by one, but it never really got busy. I got to check out some of the other rooms and one guy had a bunch of primitive weapons. Even though I didn’t do that much for the 4 hours I was there, it was still fun.


A gold holds an owl at DPNC’s open house today


Wecome To Your New Home, Taz

Yesterday we got a cat. His name is Taz. We set up the loft for him and he lives there now. He is very friendly.


New Years Goals 2017

This year I want to:

  • Go to Project O again
  • Volunteer at DPNC again
  • Take a trip out of country
  • Finish Club House
  • Go to high school
  • Go see Colin and Brad from Whose Line Is It Anyways

The End of 2016

It’s the end of 2016 all ready. So what did I do this year? Well, my favorite thing this year was Project O.

Some of the other big things were:

  • I got to volunteer at DPNC watching little kids. It was super fun and it could lead to a job one day
  • Izzy was born, I got to hold her when she was a couple of hours old, and she laughed for the first time
  • I went to Denmark and Sweden and went sightseeing there, which I complained a lot during.

Some things I remember from this year are:

  • I built my own bed frame, because I broke my old one, and then the new one broke because it was a little to wide
  • I got to go to the movies by myself (well with a friend) and see Doctor Strange as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • I went to New York City on a school field trip and saw a play there
  • I did cross-country for the first time
  • I got to go see the Illusionists, which is a magic show
  • I turned 13, and Eric, my step-dad, turned 50
  • Izzy got baptized in Sweden
  • I went in a freezing river-pool in Denmark
  • I jumped off a 5 meter board into a pool in Sweden
  • I watched the entire Hobbit trilogy on the way back from Sweden
  • I went to an old castle in Sweden
  • I met a lot of Susanna’s family, including my baby step cousin



Picture challange


Izzy has grown


Photo Challenge



10 Things I Did This Summer

  1. Played minecraft
  2. Volunteered at the Nature Center
  3. Did a scientific study for a collage at Project O
  4. Went to denmark
  5. Went to sweden
  6. Izzy got baptized
  7. We visited three castles
  8. I rode a moped
  9. I learned a couple magic tricks
  10. I went to diane’s pool

    Project O Report

    2016 – Project O Report

    (you have to click on the link)