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Photo Challenge



10 Things I Did This Summer

  1. Played minecraft
  2. Volunteered at the Nature Center
  3. Did a scientific study for a collage at Project O
  4. Went to denmark
  5. Went to sweden
  6. Izzy got baptized
  7. We visited three castles
  8. I rode a moped
  9. I learned a couple magic tricks
  10. I went to diane’s pool

    Project O Report

    2016 – Project O Report

    (you have to click on the link)


    Things I Did On My Trip To Sweden

    1. Visit the royal castle in Dennmark
    2. Visit museums in Denmark
    3. Visit Susanna’s parents for a week
    4. Go to Isabella’s baptizm 
    5. Go camping
    6. Go to an indoor water park
    7. Visit Kalmar Castle
    8. Visit ruins of a castle
    9. Go to a cool echo chamber under a water tower

    Water Park

    Today we went to a water park. It was small but fun.There was a huge swimming pool. I jumped of at ground level, the 3 meter pad, and at the end the 5 meter pad. Ben wouldnt do 3 meter though. (He should have it was fun). There was a lazy river. There was this absurd waterslide witha huge drop at the end that only ran 10 minutes every half hour. There was a hot tub that was always packed with people. There were two waterslides and we got Susanna to go on one. Afterwards we walked to a resturant about five minutes away and ate lunch. After that we left.


    Cool pictures


    Camping in sweden

    My new carving knife

    Carved sticks


    Yesterday we went camping at a cabin near a lake. We had a fire and cooked food over it. Ben and susanna’s dad dropped crayfish traps. I took out my new carving knife and carved some sticks. Later when I was about to go to bed I felt sick and threw up. I went home for the night. This morning we went back to the camp. When I got there they had already pulled up the crayfish traps and we had a bunch of crayfish. Then we had scrambled eggs for breakfast. I carved a couple more sticks and we went out to see Susanna’s dad’s tree harvester. After that I carved somemore and then we left.